South Central Farm Trailer

World Premiere was at the 2007 AFI Film Festival and is a segment in the PBS Emmy award winning series, Natural Heroes.

1:24 trailer for the 24 minute documentary which tells the story of the high profile controversy involving poor farmers and their supporters, including celebrity tree sitters, the developer and the City of Los Angeles over the South Central Farm, the largest and most bio-diverse urban farm in the U.S.
Produced by Sheila A. Laffey and Geoffrey Pepos.

Poster design by Geoffrey Pepos.

The film focuses on farmer leaders Rufina Juarez and Tezozomac, as well as celebrity tree sitters such as Daryl Hannah, Joan Baez, John Quigley and Julia Butterfly Hill, and other supporters such as Martin Sheen and

Willie Nelson who brought international attention to the issue. KPFK host Lila Garrett, head of a committee dealing with race issues at the farm, speaks movingly at a press conference. Others interviewees include Green Party leader and former Santa Monica Mayor, Mike Feinstein, on roller blades during a colorful farm parade in Santa Monica and Don White, human rights spokesperson. Other supporters include Linda Piera-Avila, Marion Nestle, author of “Politics of Food.”

Includes footage by Daryl Hannah and Academy Award winner Haskell Wexler.


Director Sheila Laffey & Assistant Editor Jeff Forster at AFI Premiere
Director Sheila Laffey and Assistant Editor Jeff Forster
@ AFI Premiere